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Lifecom has the capacity to provide translation services to a wide variety of industries thanks to the number of qualified, subject specific translators in its roster.

Companies that need translation services represent a wide variety of industries. Lifecom specializes in finding the ideal group of linguists to translate any type of content. Some of the industries that most require these services are in the fields of life sciences, medical instruments, healthcare, legal, financial, marketing, web pages, tourism, manufacturing, consumer products, information technologies, oil and gas, training and development, etc. Whatever industry or sector you may be in, you can trust the experience and the specialists at Lifecom.

Pharmaceutical companies

Service to this industry is one of Lifecom's main specialties. The need for content in different languages is imperative to the pharmaceutical industry, since it is essential for the commercialization of their products in other countries.

In order to comply with this industry’s strict times and work plans, a professional team must be on-call since it is one of the most demanding industries due to its strict adherence to product launching objectives as well as to research stages previous to the launching. To this end, Lifecom puts our team of experts at your disposal to help you satisfactorily comply with your work schedule, by providing translation services for all of your material.

We also understand that quality is priority. Through strict follow-up protocols, our team consistently provides timely, high quality translations, which are instrumental in helping our clients comply with their own timelines.

Lifecom has the capacity to translate pharmaceutical documents such as:

– Protocols
– Informed consents
– Researcher manuals
– Patient logs
– Letters from ethics committees
– Letters from researchers
– Dossiers
– Technical documents
– Study reports
– Regulatory documents and matters
– Labeling
– Marketing materials for product launch


The purpose of registering medical instruments is to deliver effective treatments that comply with the standards needed to enter specific markets. Lifecom understands the current demand regarding regulatory conformity and safety. We have the level of expertise and personnel needed to satisfy the growing rhythm of the industry.

In Mexico, the documents that manufacturers need in order to expand their market share for supplies in the health industry include certifications, biocompatibility tests, biological and virology tests, clinical tests, validation reports of the international electronic commission, package testing, among others. Medical instruments manufacturers come to Lifecom during the phase in which they are gathering the documentation requested by authorities. Our team, with its linguistic and scientific training, knows the gathering process well, which allows us to provide highly effective translations for medical devices.


Unstoppable advances in the technology industry have transformed the world and the daily life of a large part of the population. With their characteristic speed, tech companies must always have information ready for their end users. This is where Lifecomcomes in, with our capacity to have any material, technical or commercial, ready in every language necessary. A group of linguists specialized by subject, who master tech terminology tend to these clients.


In the legal sector, the translation of all types of documents into other languages is constantly needed to solve cases, legal and corporate matters, and to carry out all types of processes before governmental instances, where precision is absolutely necessary. Lifecom's team of expert legal linguists is made up of professionals certified as translators and editors, with a broad range of legal knowledge and the capacity to translate any type of document; be it for litigation, proceedings or daily corporate operations, thus helping avoid the interruption of legal activities.

The translation of these types of documents is usually urgent, so we have assembled a highly trained team with proven experience to deal with these matters as quickly and effectively as possible.

Some of the most commonly translated documents are:
– Contracts and agreements
– Privacy policies
– Corporate charters and public deeds
– Corporate documents
– Powers and apostilles
– Transaction documents
– Lawsuits and rebuttals
– Litigation documents
– Official notices, fines and requirements
– Sentences and arbitration documents
– Intellectual property documents (Copyright, brands, patents, etc.)

Likewise, we have certified translators, recognized by the government, that can validate and process translated documents, if so required.


Due to the international implications of the financial industry, the translation of transactional documents is needed for financial institutions and organization to proceed with their operations. This type of service is often requested by banks, accounting offices and the financial departments of different companies. At Lifecom, we have a complete and highly trained team to meet these needs.

Ours is a serious team, with a broad range of knowledge of the specific terminology of the industry. Its experience and training in the financial sector, together with our quality processes, and the supervision of our project managers, results in exact translations that always meet our clients’ expectations.

Some of the more relevant documents our team can translate for this sector are:
– Annual reports
– Financial statements
– Auditing reports
– Privacy notices
– Account statements
– Income and expense reports
– Investment reports
– Press releases
– Bulletins for investors/shareholders
– Tax reports
– Annual tax statements
– Insurance policies

Energy/ Oil and Gas

People from all over the world participate in this industry in various forms, which demands all types of material be available in several languages.

Among other documents particular to this enormous industry, Lifecom's specialized linguists can translate:

– Technical specifications
– Manuals
– Reports
– Quality processes
– Executive reports on health and safety
– Geological studies
– Presentations


For global brands, it is vital that their marketing information be available in the language of their target market and with a use of language in accordance with the area in which the information will be distributed. Marketing departments should know their target market in regards to habits and preferences, and be familiar as well on how it best receives information. The success of its campaigns depends greatly on how they are directed to the customers.

At Lifecom, we know it’s not just about translating, but about localizing. Localization allows one to choose the best words according to the target market, and therefore insure the integrity of the message.

Some of the material we can translate to help you in meeting your marketing goals are:

– Branding
– Advertising material (POP, banners, flyers, posters, etc.)
– Digital content (including web pages, apps and software)
– Campaign material
– Material for product launch
– Corporate/ commercial presentations
– Video commercials
– Mailings


The tourism industry grows each year covering a more universal population. Lifecom recognizes the need our clients in this sector have for availability of information in different languages. It is not only about their current clients having the best service in the language they understand, but about attracting new clients from all over the globe.

Our team is capable of translating tourism texts precisely; adapting them to the cultural characteristics of each country and working with companies on the internationalization of their communications. Our translators, who have different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, know how to execute these tasks perfectly.

Some of the materials we translate for this sector are:

– Flyers
– Posters
– Web content (banners, mailings, web pages)
– Hotel signs
– Information for guests


In an ever more globalized world, it is extremely important for companies for their staff to be the best trained in the market. Be they companies with operations in other countries or local companies with foreign employees, it is of the utmost importance that its members understand how the company operates and that its training be assimilated 100%.

To support its clients, Lifecom can expertly translate its clients’ Training and Development materials into any language necessary. This makes it possible for employees to have the best training programs within their reach. Make sure they understand what you’re saying; speak to them in their language!

The tendency to use more and better teaching resources for learning is in constant growth. Learning materials are extremely valuable, they serve as a bridge between the object of knowledge (what is being taught) and the cognitive strategies (teaching-learning method). Selecting proper teaching material is key to tapping into its potential, but it is equally important that such material be available in the language your employees understand.

Some of the material we translate in this category are:

Recruitment packages


Foreign investment that strengthens the automotive market in Mexico demands constant training and the integration of new resources. A particularly fundamental theme in this sense is learning other languages.

Currently, technical, managerial and sales personnel face new challenges regarding the use and implementation of material that is not always available in Spanish. Besides English, nowadays, languages such as German, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese are increasingly more present in the automotive process.

It is well known that Mexico has institutes dedicated to personnel language training ; however, it is necessary to consider that not all specialists have the time, interest or ability to learn a foreign language, regardless of the extent to which companies support the professional development of their employees.

Lifecom, with its extensive interest in facilitating language resources to professionals in the automotive industry, has a team dedicated to satisfying the need for written translation, interpretation and video dubbing of the suppliers and investors in this market in Mexico.