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Lifecom emerges with the objective of serving companies with a global vision and a view toward expansion into new markets with a variety of daily requirements for translation, interpretation and other linguistic and communication services.

This commercial expansion of modern companies demands precise and professional content in different languages. We are experts in making this a reality for our ever more demanding clients.

With Lifecom, you can fully trust we will do everything possible and then some to find the right linguistic solution to solve your translation needs.

We know firsthand there is a global clientele that needs our services and we know the kinds of challenges they face perfectly. Each project in itself can be very different and each company also has its own idiosyncrasies. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly how to address each case, always abiding by the highest quality standards of the industry and with the spirit of service that sets us apart, emerging from the passion we have for solving all kinds of projects, no matter how diverse or complex they may be.


Our values

Confidentiality: At LIFECOM, we take the confidentiality of our clients’ documents very seriously and we always treat them as such in order to protect the information of all the projects in which we are involved.

Service: We will always be willing to address your communication needs in other languages.

Professionalism: We give our clients the highest level of professionalism through a properly trained team to cater to their requests.

Sense of urgency: We always act with a sense of urgency, responding quickly and in a timely fashion. We recognize the importance of having the information available without delay.

Flexibility: We know that many times we need to adapt to the client’s challenges and we are flexible enough to give tailor-made solutions.

Honesty/Loyalty: As one of our fundamental values, we know how important it is to trust your suppliers and you can trust us to conduct ourselves with absolute honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Our Team of Experts

Lifecom is made up of a large team of experts with a wide-range of experience in the translation of all types of content and with expertise in the successful completion of a variety of projects for clients that do business in different fields. Given the wide array of industries and corporations requiring translation services, Lifecom has specialized in finding not only the proper group of linguists to translate any type of content for our clients, but also in finding tailor-made solutions for their specific needs. Our experts have the capacity and experience to translating content from areas such as marketing, legal, tourism, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, finances, training and development, information technologies and web pages, among many others. You can trust that your project is in experienced hands.

With a network of over 1,000 globally qualified, professional linguists and translators, Lifecom can translate virtually any type of material or content into more than 100 languages. An important number of Lifecom linguists are native-speakers of the language they translate to and are specialized in specific areas, allowing us to attend clients and projects from a variety of industries. . We clearly understand that each client is a completely separate entity and must be serviced according to their own needs.

Our linguistic team and resources are aimed at solving any project entrusted, no matter how complex it may be. From first contact, you will be in the hands of an expert; from our personalized sales representatives, through a customer service area offering exceptional service, to the behind-the-scenes production area where all our best and most adequate language resources are coordinated to attend specifically to each request.

For us, our assignments are not only translation tasks. The personalized management of each project we take on allows us to guarantee excellent service to even the most demanding customers. Through our meticulous production methodology and highly specialized personnel, we offer top quality results, reasonable turn-around and accessible costs.

At Lifecom, we manage our projects through strict quality processes; which together with the creativity and professionalism of our global services, produce results that greatly surpass our clients’ expectations.