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Lifecom is a specialized supplier of language solutions that services companies operating in various markets who wish to promote and sell their products around the world.

In this sense, we have the capacity to successfully carry out all types of technical translations, cover simultaneous and consecutive interpretation events, translate all types of documents for legal hearings, review and compare any previously translated content to improve its quality; tropicalize marketing materials for a specific sector located in a certain region, subtitle and dub videos, just to name a few of our most requested services. We understand the different scenarios in which our services may be needed and are able to suit them to a client’s specific needs. The experience we have earned throughout the years, has helped us become a trustworthy strategic partner for any company looking for a comprehensive language solution.

What We Offer You:

Translation of texts

To be competitive as well as competent, today’s companies have to have their content available in as many languages as their market demands, including the market languages in which it promotes or operates its products and services. Often, a company’s internal demand for translations surpasses the capacities of its bilingual staff members it may have. For this reason, Lifecom’s professional services are essential for such companies to complete their projects promptly and well. Lifecom’s capacity to cover its clients’ needs lies in a team of linguists, classified by specialty and by native language, capable of expertly translating all types of content. All of Lifecom’s processes and practices comply with the highest quality standards in the field.

Certified translation

A certified translation is an indispensable requirement for many processes and applications filed before different government agencies. To this end, we have certified translators and notaries authorized by different legal organisms and organizations that work with different languages and can certify document translations to the specification required by the authorities.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation: In a globalized world, conferences and meetings among members of different cultures are becoming more common. Lifecom’s interpreters are experts in carrying out translations and interpretations in real time, even of the most complex content.

If you have an event or conference in which you need interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment, Lifecom offers the following:
• Native-speaking translators-interpreters of the target language
• Translators-interpreters who are experts in the area
• Simultaneous interpretation equipment (booths, console, transmitter, technician, headphones, audio, etc.)

Consecutive interpretation. There are many scenarios in which a consecutive interpreter is necessary. A clear example of these situations are visits by executives, auditors, or foreign partners, in which case, an expert serving as a bridge for communication among the parties is essential in breaking the language barrier.

If your organization needs an on-site interpreter for a meeting or visit, don not hesitate to contact us.

Revision and comparison

This service eliminates voids in information that are created when a translation is done without area specific support. G grammatical, syntactic and content errors in previously translated documents can also be corrected. The process entails the thorough revision of materials by expert linguists who can detect errors in spelling, style, writing or tone. If you want to find out more about this service, please contact us at your convenience. We will gladly be of service.

Desktop publishing

Lifecom offers desktop publishing services that offer clients final documents, ready to be delivered to their target market, in the language that is needed and with the client’s preferred graphic format. We work with programs such as PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, RagTime, Microsoft Publisher, CorelDraw Ventura, and iWork. This service is extremely useful when translating documents that contain graphics; Lifecom’s experts can create a translation that looks exactly like the source document.


A company’s phrases, slogans or mottos are a fundamental part of its corporate and marketing personality. Lifecom’s expert multicultural marketing team can re-create these phrases or mottos in another language, taking into account the culture and region to which it is directed, so it can have the same impact intended in the original language.


Stenography services are mainly used during legal hearings as part of arbitration procedures. This sensitive task must be performed by a specialized and precise technical team, capable of transcribing everything that is said during the proceedings. Lifecom has an experienced team fully capable of successfully performing these services with excellent lead times for both the preliminary and fully revised final version of the transcripts, making us an excellent option for any attorney, court or company in need of this type of services.

About Our Processes and Quality Control

4-Step Quality Process: Customer Service, Production, Translation, and Final Review before delivery to customer.


Our Customer Service Account Managers start to work on first contact with the client. Besides offering specialized service, Project Managers make sure that a project is completed correctly and on-time, from start to finish. To achieve this, the following steps are followed:

  • Diagnosis: This means building the foundation of a well-defined and customized project, mediating between the client and the work team in charge of the project, making sense of the complete process.
  • Design: With the information obtained during diagnosis, in this second phase the objectives, dates, terms and resources are established; taking into account the client’s objectives, the scope of the project and the observations of our Production area regarding the completion of the established tasks.
  • Supervision: During the different stages of the project, the Project Manager keeps on top of each task. This way he or she can measure the project’s evolution and quickly spot any anomaly foreseeing different scenarios and making any necessary adjustments.
  • Closing: Once the task has been completed by Production, the Project Manager will deliver the project, but not without first making one last revision of the documents, making sure they comply with the quality requirements. Then, he or she will put the client in touch with the Finance department to begin the billing process, making sure the process flows smoothly and free of errors.
  • Client Feedback: We keep precise control of our clients’ satisfaction levels with the different areas that provided services to them. This allows us to assess our performance constantly and to detect areas of opportunity to continuously improve the quality of our services. If specific points for improvement or areas of unsatisfactory performance are found, the pertinent notes are taken and channeled in order to apply the necessary corrective measures and actions while conserving what works.

The job of the Project Manager requires a broad combination of skills, including the capacity to ask relevant questions, detect undeclared assumptions, systematically apply the principles of management and find possible risks and setbacks. He or she should always be a leader that strives to successfully complete every objective of our translation projects.


The Production team is made up of Project Managers with considerable experience in project management, whose job is the execution of the task according to our established quality processes.

Planning: All projects are analyzed from start to finish based on the information offered by the Customer Service area. Aspects such as type of services hired , turn-around times and forms of delivery; amount of services, language pairs, length of content, types of source files and other particular specifications, are analyzed in order to define the tasks that will allow for the project’s objectives to be met.

Production process:
– Execution: Once the planning has been completed, tasks are assigned to translators and editors, who are given the tools that allow them to do a clean and professional job, such as previously authorized recommendations, references, glossaries and/or translation memory.

– Certification: When the project requires it, expert and authorized translators certify the documents as needed.

– Registry: Control and updating is carried out on the information of all the active projects for better overview and performance.

– Follow-up: The translation platform allows us to follow a translation’s advances in real time, which is essential for project control.

– Logistics: The team in charge is briefed in due course in order to schedule timely deliveries.

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The Translation area is made up of linguists specialized in various topics. Project assignment will depend on their field of expertise as well as on the combination of languages he or she masters, as well as on other key factors that guarantee project quality.

Our team of translators and editors work in over 100 languages and our linguists are native-speakers of the target language.


To guarantee excellence in our translations, quality control is always carried out by experienced linguists specialized in various topics and languages.

They also give the documents a final style review so the document delivered meets the client standards.